Need help with a project? We have GDL Members who are eager to help. Let us know what your graphic design and/or photographic needs are, and we will bring your request to the next production meeting.


Want to join our team? GDL members include anyone on the Lasell College campus who is involved in the visual arts – in and out of the classroom.  We do have a team of active members who meet regularly through the academic calendar. Contact us if you want to join the team.

Anna King

Ashley Burke

Paul Clohisy
Nicole Solano
Brianna Ricker

Jenna Robinson

Design & Photo Team

Jack Margolis

Terrence Theus
Riley Musial
Brendan Johnson
Michael Salem

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Welcome to the Graphic Design League

The Graphic Design League (GDL) is located on the campus of Lasell University in Newton, Massachusetts and was formed in the fall of 2005 to encourage a spirit of unity, collaboration, and professionalism in our graphic arts community.
GDL promotes connected learning experiences for students on campus, and beyond.

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Daisy Bocanegra
Taylor Smith

Leadership Team

Margaret Brochu

Art & Photography Director